withkissesfour (withkissesfour) wrote in merlingwen,

it's just that it's delicate.

Pairing: Merlin/Gwen
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex of the sex type, not overly explicit.
Word Count: 2000~
Summary: This is how they figure each other out, she thinks.
Disclaimer: BBC owns that show, and Damien Rice owns the lyrics.
A/N: A present for longjackets, belatedly. As per. :P

It happens unexpectedly, and Gwen's not sure how to figure out loving two men at the same time, entirely, but her tongue is tapping at his teeth, and his hands are fumbling around her tunic, and they're both mumbling really, really missed you. missed you. i really missed you. into the other person.
Tags: genre: angst, genre: kink/smut, pairing: gwen/merlin, rating: r
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