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fic: ghosts of things to come

Title: Ghosts of Things to Come
Rating: T, references to violence, death
Characters/Pairing: Merlin, OC, Gwen, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Gwen
Word Count: 3921
Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.
Summary:  Set eleven years after Arthur’s death, Merlin tends to Gwen and Arthur’s daughter after she wins a tournament.
A/N: Big, massive, special thanks to withkissesfour and rubberglue for all their encouragement and insights. This story started out as something to do in breaks during the last couple of busy weeks. It’s my working out feelings over 5x13 and is also drawn from idea I had a couple years ago about the Pendragons having daughters and Merlin acting as a mentor figure to one of them, as his legendary counterpart was to young Arthur. Title taken from Clint Mansell's "Ghosts of Things to Come."

Before every tournament, he would lean against a doorframe, arms crossed, sizing up each competitor as they filed passed him into the arena. He would wear a thin, steely-eyed smile that promised to enjoy the misery he would most certainly inflict on anyone who even considered foul play against the princess.

Tags: fanwork: fic, genre: future!fic, length: oneshot, pairing: gwen/arthur
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